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Give a gift of a livelihood - give a goat

Through our Raising Families programme, Samaritan’s Purse works with churches in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop sustainable livelihoods. With your gift, a local church can provide training and support to those in need, helping them realise what God has given them. These churches can also support families through assisting in the purchase of tools, crops and livestock. Providing a family with a livelihood, such as a Goat, can transform a whole generation.

Kadzo is a 52-year-old widow with eight children and three grandchildren. Four years ago Samaritan’s Purse gave her four goats. Now her herd has grown to 11, not counting several she has given to neighbours. Each nanny goat can produce fresh milk, keeping the family healthy, with enough left over to sell.

For a gift of £20 to our Raising Families programme, you can help a church develop a livelihood for someone like Kadzo.

This gift will go towards the general work of Samaritan’s Purse’s Raising Families programme. Many churches will provide livestock to families, others will choose to invest in training and development of existing livelihoods.

Your gift will change a family’s life for a generation!

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